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Spring Styling Idea

Our Spring Styling Idea is about elegant & feminine Manalena chic. We have researched the latest trends and picked those that inspire us in order to create the most extraordinary designs. That is why we are so excited to welcome our New Collection II very soon!

Print SS16

One of the top print trends for the upcoming season is inspired by the New Romanticism. It is all about floral motives in flawless dresses in Spring/Summer 2016. This era has inspired many designers to incorporate Victoriana trends & silhouettes in their collection over the years. We have picked this print idea and we are very excited to have a touch of this extraordinary fashion movement in the print design of our new collection.


Our ATENA Dress features our unique print with blurred flowers. It recalls nature and marble. We have also touched on the mixing gender trend. Our MARINA Man's jacquard classic skirt underlines the contrast of a man's fabric with a feminine embroidery and cut. Every outfit becomes more outstanding with the addition of some fabulous accessories. Jumping into the new season, we created this trend story with some of our favourite luxury accessories to compliment our garments. We absolutely loved the mirror trend and those Dior's So Real sunglasses in silver-tone are must-haves for the upcoming season! Add some instant chic to the outfit with this Chloé bag and Chanel flower cocktail ring. Put on some high heels, like those Jimmy Choo’s and finish the look with some pop-of-colour make-up. You are ready to embrace the fabulous chic style!


We are very proud to launch the first collaboration between two luxembourgish clothing brands.

Mamie&Moi is a luxembourgish solidarity brand based in Luxembourg, 100% Handmade in Luxembourg by "mamie's" this means in french Grandmas. Alternative work by hand knitting! The brand is interesting as it is based on a redistribution of work in our country to older people or in general, who need a complement of income. They'r line is based on vintage and classic baby and children pieces: just incredibly cute.

The society was launched by two joung and successfull creative working mum's, Camille and Cristina, and is getting a lot of cover as they also follow local markets, are sold in the Modern Art Museum Store and other multi-brand stores, sell online and organize workshops to learn knitting in Luxembourg!

I was really interested by the idea behind the brand and loved the idea to launch the first collaboration as a 100% Made in Luxembourg with a Model designed by Manalena and developped together with Camille and Cristina!

Can you imagine that this sweater was intirely knitted by hand by Franca Maria, with love and patience :) ?!

I am very happy of the result as a fusion of ideas and different interpretations of a single theme, have a look:

This was the main THEME behind the Collaboration  proposed by Manalena:

We started to work on the model of oversized Sweater , being inspired by the fusion of organic matter with the conceptual form. The natural world and modern minimalism. The wish is to take refuge in forms and comforting protective materials. The model gets special volume and an architectural proportion which allows a shifted set of dimensions. The surface and materials become design elements.

The artists behind the inspiration are Andy Goldsworthy, Richard Long and Robert Smithson.

moodboard 1
The color palette is inspired earth elements in shades of sand tones.

The elements inspired by this theme that I found interesting to develop in the model are:

- In general, a "rib knit" wrapping
- A semi-transparency
- mohair wool (hairy wool)
- Exaggerated details in knitting, large, dense

We studyed together the question of wool (insertion, knit, etc) and met a few times to develop tests options to arrive to the exact arrangement of the elements of the model.

The result is a real reunion of ideas and inspirations and I really hope you like it :p


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Follow further intuitions here ;)

Autumn Trends

Autumn is almost gone but Christmas is just around the corner and we can’t wait for this amazing time of the year to knock on our doors. Here at MANALENA we are really excited for the next season and what is ahead of our brand. We have prepared exciting things for you and if you want to hear first about them, subscribe to our exclusive newsletter.

Today we present you a styling that is elegant yet fashion forward and trendy for this season. Autumn was looking a whole lot brighter this year and this is thanks to the pastel colour trend that had a significant presence. Pastel hues proved to be a key colour not only in the warm spring-summer seasons, but also during autumn and winter. MANALENA’s pastel coloured coat can be styled with our MANALENA Denim Boyfriend embroidered with pale pastel pink and violet sequins. To add a sleek sophistication, wear our MANALENA Pink Satin shirt. This outfit allows statement accessories and a perfect choice for it is a necklace by the beautiful brand Konplott. For the bold ones, we have a stunning Crown & Petticoats headpiece in the same shades that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Inject a youthful vibe into your wardrobe with this fabulous outfit with a catwalk feel. It is perfect pick for a daytime and eveningwear.

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